Applying to Charles H. Cecil Studios

Contact2To apply to Charles H. Cecil Studios please complete the application form and return by email.

Applications are reviewed throughout the year for both full-time study and the short courses. We recommend applying before April. Full-time applicants must submit five images of their work with a written statement. We would recommend that any prospective student visit the studio before applying.

Your written statement should be around 500 words and outline the reasons why you chose to study at Charles H. Cecil Studios as well as how you plan to apply this training in the future. We are also interested in the painters and paintings that you most admire and how their example informs your own practice.

Images can be sent via e-mail or as photographs or slides.

All applicants will be notified by email once their application has been received.

Download Application Form

Download application form for full-time study.

Download application form for short courses.


We are able to forward, to enrolled students, a list of agencies and privately let apartments that have been used by our students over the years.


All the classes at Charles H. Cecil studios are taught in English.